Secret of Escape – Where to find it!

Secret of Escape is officially released to the public, you can download the game for either PC, Mac or Linux (both 32-Bit and 64-Bit). You can get the game from one of these fine game services:

Download Secret of Escape from Desura

Download Secret of Escape from

Download Secret of Escape on IndieGameStand

Click the banners to go directly to the game page!

Secret of Escape – Nearly Ready for Release

I’m happy to announce that Secret of Escape is now at the stage where release is on the horizon, so currently we are getting promotional content ready and getting a release date set so we can let as many content publishers and gamers know that we are coming.

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First Windows 8 game! Survivor of the Green Monsters!


Hello everyone! I thought I’d like to share you a quick new game I’ve made. The game is called Survivor of the Green Monsters, a mini-arcade shooter for the Windows 8 platform made in the Construct2.


In the game, you are a lone soldier on a desolate planet, you are trapped in one position with only the ability to turn and shoot at enemies with infinite ammunition. Green Monsters crawl towards you in all direction, starting off one-by-0ne before slowly increasing in rate. The aim is to shoot down as many green monsters before you lose all your health. Luckily, random power ups spawn, a health pack and a fire pack. Both can assist you in lasting longer and shooting enemies quicker.




The main idea around this very simple game idea was that shooters commonly require you to move around, but what about a game where you cannot move at all. By restricting the player’s ability to move, it relies on the importance of shooting all enemies, as well as the need to survive as long as possible.

Why I made it:

One of the main reasons was to try new developing tools. After being so use to Visual Studio and programming most of my games (I haven’t used a proper game development engine since Game Maker 8 over three years ago). I also like to try new ideas for games instead of what my mind normally focuses on, (one of the reasons I took part in this year’s GameJam).

At the moment, the game is going through the review process to be on the Window’s Store. It’ll be for free, since the artwork is from the tutorial work on the Construct2 website, so fingers crossed to see if it goes online. I’ll see if there is a way non-Windows 8 users can use it in the meantime.