GBJam Announcement!

Hey everyone! So there is this game jam online where the only theme is that you are restricted to some of the limitations of the original Game Boy. Well I am in that games jam! About the Jam

The GBJam is run by a guy named Chase Dikeman, with support from the Indie Developer behind A.N.N.E, Mo Broots, and a neat website designed by Jussi Shipmen. The only theme is that you make the game like it’s for the original Gameboy, so it has to be within a certain aspect ratio (160 x 144), limited to a four colour palette, directional pad and only four buttons (A, B, Start, Select). The jam runs from 5th – 14th July, and you can check it out at This is a Games Jam that peaked my interest around the same time as the Midsummer Jam Week, but this time instead of being entirely independent, I am in a big team with other talented people!

The Game

The game is called Star Runner, an adventure game about a Galactic Star Hunter, who is out to find the most valuable of energy sources, baby stars or starlettes. Crashed on one of the starlettes largest colonies, when they are in their biggest need of help, you must choose to hunt them down, or help them in their quest to become full stars.

The game is being made in Python using pyGame, which use SDL, and will be made for PC and Mac.

Star Runner Title ScreenMock Screen 1Mock Screen 2Mock Screen 3

The Team Here are all the members of the team:

Alex Earley – LEADER

Steven Harmon

Michael Stokes

Jamie Morgan aka JellyCakes

Peter Zaccagnino

So we have now six days to make this game a reality! Let’s get to it!

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