Secret of Escape Delayed

Hey everyone. In my last post, as well as at Norwich Indie Games Expo, I mentioned that I planned to release Secret of Escape on October 26th, this Saturday, well unfortunately that won’t be possible.

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Woops, my bad!

I linked the wrong page in my last blog post and I only noticed it today. If you want to try out the demo for Secret of Escape, go to the page here. You can also find the page by going to Games > 2013 and clicking on the Secret of Escape screenshot.

Sorry for the error.

Secret of Escape – Near Release!

Sorry for the lack of updates, I’ve been losing track of things while working on Secret of Escape. Good news is that I now have a new demo for you all to try out on the main page, this is the demo that I showed at the Norwich Games Expo, which I’ll write about soon.

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PuzzleScript: Make Puzzle Games in a Flash (…well HTML5 at least)

Hey everyone! Just thought you should try out PuzzleScript, it’s a neat little Puzzle Game HTML5 engine with a very easy to use scripting functionality with an editor and a debugger to help you make a neat puzzle game.

I found out about it on Reddit and a few of my friends tried it out, and after a few hours of playing around I came up with this: Power of Two

Try it out here, and have some fun making puzzle games!

Gamepopper at Norwich Game Expo

So anyone who follows the Norwich Indie Game Developer Group or at least my Twitter may already know this, but I’ll be attending the first ever Norwich Games Expo on Saturday 12th October, at Epic Studios.

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