Secret of Escape – Nearly Ready for Release

I’m happy to announce that Secret of Escape is now at the stage where release is on the horizon, so currently we are getting promotional content ready and getting a release date set so we can let as many content publishers and gamers know that we are coming.

Here’s the game’s progress:

  • Level count is 36 (+5 additional gameplay screens)
  • Unlocking system is complete for all levels, and functional for new levels.
  • Shadows have been updated to blend with lighting. Now overall lighting should be brighter and more visible for players.
  • Graphics and Animations have been updated to player and enemy sprites.
  • Keyboard, Gamepad and Touch controls are now fully functional in menus and gameplay.
  • Menu graphics have been updated.


I was also fortunate to show off Secret of Escape at the newly formed Indie Zone at insomnia52 at the Ricoh Arena on the 24th August. The gamers there provided a lot of feedback and the event staff were really helpful, providing hardware and a space for Secret of Escape to be played.

Now we need help with preparing our promotional content, we are looking for a concept artist to provide a set of promotional images which would be used for icons, headers and banners for digital distribution services like Steam/Desura and press use.

If you are interested, please email me at with your portfolio, rates and any initial ideas you might have. You will be paid (preferably commission basis) and credited on the artwork, and I’m happy if you wish to provide a signature on the image to identify your work.

Thank you everyone for your support so far and watch us closely for the release date!


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