New upload and stuffs

Hey peeps!

Just posted up a new application for anyone willing to try it out, you can navigate the “GAMES” page or you can click here to check it out.

I’ve also updated the games part of the menu to separate by year, so it’s easier to tell what are my more recent projects.

That and now I’m starting my second year, so along with my personal projects I’m gonna be working on university projects as well, fun for me!!

Back from America!

Hey guys!

Game Programming Class in SessionSorry for the long absence, I’ve been a bit busy unpacking and preparing for another upcoming year of University. As some may recall a few months ago, I got offered a place at a summer camp in America and in mid-June I setted off for America to begin my two months of work. I had a great time meeting a large variety of people young and old and tried out some new things like boating, motorbiking and camp fires. I also worked in the Computers as each staff member taught a Science. There were three of us working in computers and we were allowed to run our own courses, so I figured why not teach them how to make games using programming.

And so the Games Programming Science Course was created! On each two weeks I got a group of enthusiastic campers aged between 7 -15 interesting in making games, and while they had some difficulties understanding some of the codes and functions I was able to help them make some interesting games, including the original Pong! The video in this post shows some of the examples actually made by the campers… Continue reading