About Me

My name is Tim Stoddard, around the internet I’m known as Gamepopper. I’m an Indie Games Developer, C++ Programmer and Computer Games Programming (BSc) Graduate from Staffordshire University, UK.

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I specialise in developing arcade style games, having worked with multiple games programming frameworks like Allegro (C++), SFML 2 (C++), XNA/Monogame (C#), pyGame (Python) and HaxeFlixel (Haxe), as well as game engines such as Game Maker and Construct2. As well as PC, I have developed games for Android, Windows Phone and the Nintendo Switch!

Despite my main focus on 2D, I haven’t been afraid of experimenting in the third dimension, having used 3D Graphical libraries like OpenGL (C++) and DirectX (C++), as well as 3D engines such as Unity and Unreal Engine 4.

I have had games released on the Windows Store, Windows Phone Marketplace and Google Play Store such as Glow Drop, and I developed Secret of Escape for release on Desura, Itch.io and IndieGameStand, and Gemstone Keeper for Steam and Nintendo eShop.

SoE_Small Title

While being solo, I have worked with several artists, sound composers as well as designers and other programmers at game jams and indie game projects, all of which you can discover by navigating the Games and Academic Stuff in the menu above.


Launch Conference Award:

Best Portfolio – Shortlist 2013

TIGA Awards:

Best Student Game – Shortlist (Secret of Escape) 2014

Best Arcade Game (Small Studio) – Shortlist (Glow Drop DX) 2015

Game Jams:

Ludum Dare 49 – 8th in Theme and 95th in Innovation out of 735

Ludum Dare 47 – 61st in Theme and 44th in Audio out of 800

GBJam 3 – 18th out of 234 Overall (5th in Gameplay!)

Loading Screen Jam – 3rd out of 50 Overall (1st in Core Design!)

Jamchester 2016 – Totally Unreal Award Winner (with Desk Dragons)

GBJam 5 – 27th out of 402 Overall (7th in Gameplay!)

Ludum Dare 37 – 27th out of 901 Humour

2 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Iam happy to view your blog and it ignite me and encourage me to learn more through your help.iam a sierraleonean it is not easy for us here. please i want you to help us in programing and installation we lack original operating system pls help us.

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