Into Blitz

Blitz Games LogoRemember the game Death Maze that you can download right now? The game that was submitted as my first University Assignment? Well I also submitted it to Blitz Studios for a place on their 2012 Open Day.

Every year, the local Blitz Games Studios runs an open day for students who want to work in the Games Industry. Students have to apply and submit work for a place due to the demand, as well as to give people who put in the effort to show their dedication. I’ve been wanting to go to it since I first found out they did them two years ago, since it’d be a great opportunity to understand the industry and work better, and that living in Leamington Spa for most of my life meant Blitz has been the most local game company to me.

However, the day I found out that Blitz were open for applicants for the open day was the weekend before the deadline. It wasn’t really a problem because I was planning to finish the game on the weekend anyway, so as soon as the game was done I filled in the application form, checked all the files worked, sent an email with everything (which included a video demonstration and text instructions) and in a sigh of relief, I got an email acknowledging the submission. Now I had to wait over a week or two to see if I got a place, and today I found that I did!!

So now in late March I’ll be heading back to my hometown to go to Blitz and hopefully talk to many of the staff! Now I need to wait for the actual results of my assignment.

UPDATE: I just got word of my results, it was a grade A! Awesome!!!

Hello world!


My name is Tim Stoddard, I am currently studying Games Programming at Staffordshire University and I like to make games. This blog will be here to document my progress as a game dev, any game related events I go to, and where I will allow you readers to play my games for free.

My dream is to make games that people will play and one day work in the Games Industry as a Games Programmer, as generic as it sounds, it’s been a dream I’ve had for a couple of years, and it’s not because I love video games, I love programming, art and a little bit of music and enjoy every achievement I get from working on a project.

To summarise what relevant things I have done so far: I began programming in Visual Basic during my A-Levels and made my first proper game as an extended A-Level project using Game Maker 8, I achieved a grade B for that project. I enrolled into Staffordshire University in 2011 and as of writing I am in my Second Semester. I have made one game using Microsoft’s XNA (written in C#) for an assignment and hopefully by the end of the Semester I will have completed a few more projects to gain and improve my skills in certain areas, including C++, which I have been trying to learn independently since A-Levels.

Hopefully this blog will feel a bit more populated as I work on. Hope you will continue to read this blog, maybe give me some advice or suggestions and maybe even try out the games once I upload them.