Month of Updates

This was originally from an announcement made on Gemstone Keeper’s Steam Greenlight page. I’m ashamed to admit that I wasn’t being very responsive on the GL page and it wasn’t until a friend confronted me about it that I decided to make up for it. I answered (technically) two questions that were left hanging without an answer from the comments of the GL page on the announcement, and as of writing I have been attempting to reach one user who was especially frustrated by my lack of response. Here is the segment from the Steam Greenlight announcement:

Firstly, Would this game by any chance be based on the Gemstone Warrior and Gemstone Healer games of ye olde times?

Surprisingly, I was not aware of either Gemstone Warrior or Gemstone Healer before I first read this. I was looking into the ASCII designs of Dwarf Fortress and use of Roguelike elements found in Spelunky and Rogue Legacy. It’s remarkable that a set of ARPGs centred around Gemstones has been around while I’ve been working on this.

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