3D Computer Graphics – Scene Demo

CaptureRelease: January 2015
Genre: 3D Graphics Demo
Made with: DirectX 11 (C++)
Compatible with: PC

Download Here



My 3D Computer Graphics assignment, the aim was to create a 3D Graphics engine which would be capable of rendering a high quality 3D scenes to render vehicles. Sadly I didn’t have any car models to render but here is what I attempted to make the scene just as impressive!

Featured in this demo is a simple 3D scene with a skybox (generated in Terragen), a plane and 3D models with instancing. There are three different lights shown, direct light, point light and spot light, each can be toggled in the program. The 3D models also have four texture maps available, diffuse maps, normal maps, specular maps and height maps, all except height maps can be toggled in the program as well.

Finally there is the red ball, which moves a long a series of Bezier curves.

I was originally going to attempt shadow maps, and I got as far as writing most of the code for rendering and passing it into other objects, but unfortunately I couldn’t get it to work in time for the deadline.

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