GBJam 3 Overview

Those who have been following me on Twitter have been aware for a while of GBJam, an online games jam, and of course, I’ve been working on a game for it. Therefore as today marks the end of the third GBJam, this article will be a part-summary, part-showcase and part-post mortem of the GBJam.

Play my entry, Galaticus, on GameJolt

Vote for it on GBJam

GBJam Banner: Image from 2945 – Devblog

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Happy New Years: End of 2013

I hope everyone will be celebrating the new years like I am, 2013 was a huge year with loads of news and events going on within each week. And with the year coming to a close, it’s time for me to look back to see how far Gamepopper has come in this last year. Continue reading

GameJolt New Year’s Jam + TwitchTV Streaming

Hope everyone had an awesome christmas and a happy new year! Just thought I’d do a late announcement on my involvement in the last weekend jam for GameJolt this year. I’ll be working on a game in HaxeFlixel, and see what happens. I’m also going to be Livestreaming it through Twitch, so go and watch me here!