Secret of Escape Delayed

Hey everyone. In my last post, as well as at Norwich Indie Games Expo, I mentioned that I planned to release Secret of Escape on October 26th, this Saturday, well unfortunately that won’t be possible.

There are three reasons as why I’m delaying Secret of Escape:

1) Business Issues

Believe it or not, games development isn’t my only means of work. I need to deal with some issues with other places I work at before I’m able to release this game, or any game that I’m currently working on during my spare time.

2) Personal Issues

While my personal life is going alright, very recently a lot of things have happened which has pretty much worn me down too much to focus on games development. It sucks, but it’s best if I am able to release my game when I’m in a more focused state of mind.

3) Polish

As my first commercial game, I want it to look, feel and sound great. I don’t want a rushed project, nor do I want a project that I feel is incomplete. By giving myself more time, I’ll be sure to make a decent game for you all to play.

Thanks to all of you who support me and show your interest, I’ll be sure to not let you guys down!

3 thoughts on “Secret of Escape Delayed

  1. Its great that you are also giving more time due to polish. Its crazy how many games are under polished and its great your not letting yourself be trapped in by announcing another date until you are sure. Good luck with your project and we will keep an eye on your progress. We are making our own Indie Game at the moment.

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