Gamepopper at Norwich Game Expo

So anyone who follows the Norwich Indie Game Developer Group or at least my Twitter may already know this, but I’ll be attending the first ever Norwich Games Expo on Saturday 12th October, at Epic Studios. Sound & Vision

NGE is the newest addition to an annual media and entertainment festival known as Norwich Sound + Vision, a large gathering that takes place from the 10th – 12th October, with conferences and gigs where members of the Film, TV, Music and (for the first time) the Games Industry can talk about and show their work to over 7,000 people.

Along with talks with people from Bioware, Bossa Studios and many others, a total of 25 Indie Games from developers all around the UK will be showcased to the public, including Dr Kvorak, Fist of Awesome, Xenolith, Do.Stop.Run and Secret of Escape.

The full list of indie games to play

The full list of indie games to play

Yes, you read that correctly, I will be at Norwich Game Expo to showcase Secret of Escape! If you attend on Saturday, you’ll get to see me and my game along with 24 other awesome indie games. I am already excited to see many more people try out my game, so I hope to see you there!

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