Global Games Jam 2014 Quick PostMortem

For another year, Global Games Jam has ended, and what a time was had at Stafford Campus during the event. After 48 hours of work we were able to pull off most of what we had hoped and it’s time for me to give you my report. I will explain what happened, what problems were faced and what we produced.

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Global Games Jam 2014 and other updates

Hey everyone! Just thought I’d like to give a shoutout to all those who have been supporting me and following me on all my channels, you have no idea how much it all means to me. This also includes those who write about my stuff or make videos, I’m really thankful for the amount of effort some of you people have in showing your interest of my work.

Here’s one recent example that I’d like to show you, Gerry from MyGamesAreFun did a lets play of the first demo I did of Secret of Escape!

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Global Game Jam, Updated Videos and More!!

Hey guys! Sorry it’s been a while since I last posted. I’ve been doing a lot of work, starting on new modules which allow me to learn DirectX, as well as Physics and AI programming techniques. I’m also waiting for the results of some assignments before I put them up online. Today I just got back from the Global Game Jam, which took place at my University Campus in Stafford.

Some quick updates, all the videos now are embedded from Youtube, which is great because viewing is much easier through WordPress and in general. Here are new games I’ve uploaded for you to try out:

Jumping Platformer Example


It was a brilliant time, getting to work with other talented programmers and game makers from students to industry members, and I got to work in a team to make a game. I worked with another programmer (James Cox), a designer (Rob Pritchard), and two artists (Alex Mehroke and Sam Denvir) to make Anarchy Ambulance a “Crazy Taxi” like game where you obtain hearts for the black market in a not-so calmly manner. Below is a 30 second clip of the game:

(and I’ll be making a main page with a more in-depth gameplay video soon)

Download the game here and make sure you put a comment and vote on our game jam page!


EDIT: Just updated the download link, new version fixes a bug in the game.