BOOM: Fireworks Defence Unit is in the Windows Phone Store!

Firework Defence Unit Game Logo

Yes! BOOM: Fireworks Defence Unit is now online on the Windows App Store!

It may take some times to appear in the searches, so check out the game here!

BOOM on Windows Phone App Store

In other news, if you didn’t see on the Facebook page, I’ve entered myself into the Midsummer Jam Week, starting Monday 17th June!

Gamepopper joined Midsummer Jam Week!

Gamepopper is in!

I love Game Jams (having run one myself), so entering one is a good opportunity to hone my game making skills and show some more games! I’m also planning on entering other ones in the future, so stay tuned to when you will see me.

Lastly, I’m currently working on two games projects right now, one of which is GridLocked, the Windows Unity Hackathon winning game I’m working with Ben Beagley on, he showed an updated version as part of a showcase at the University of Portsmouth, to high appraisal! The game has seen some slight graphical improvements, music and new screens!

The other game is currently a secret, I can give you a clue, but it’ll probably be super easy to figure out: Newton.

Catch you later guys!

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