Construct2 Winners Announced

The winners of the Construct2 TouchJam have been announced both on Newgrounds and Scirra!

Unfortunately, I did not win, but I’d like to give my congratulation to the winners, as well as other entries that I enjoyed playing. I also like to say thanks to Tom Fulp for dedicating himself to write opinions for every single entry and organising the competition along with the rest of the Newgrounds Team and Scirra.

Don’t forget, you can also play my entry, BOOM: Fireworks Defence Unit on Windows 8, and hopefully a release on Windows Phone 8 will be out next week.

At the moment, I’m working on my next game, as well as working alongside Windows Games Ambassador Ben Beagley on GridLocked, the game we developed at the WGA Games Jam in London a few months earlier  I’m currently planning on attending two conventions, MCM in London and Confuzzled in Hinckley, as well as moving to Winchester for a year, so updates will be coming at a steady pace.


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