New Videos and One Large Summer Trip

Hey guys!

Two updates on the site, I’ve added videos to some of the game pages, so you can see some gameplay footage of 8-Bit Theater and Death Maze.

Also, I’ve posted up a new game demo, this one of my second semester assignment. It’s a demonstration of user interaction of a Katana demo made in OpenGL using GLUT. Click here to check it out.

Now for the big news

Starting back in November/December, I applied for a summer job in America at one of their Nation’s Summer Camps through the agency Camp Leaders. Despite some hiccups in the interview and application process I got a place and not too long ago I got my work VISA, and in mid-June I will be leaving to work in America for 2 months!

I will be a camp counsellor and an instructor at Camp Watonka in Pennsylvania, teaching computer programming. It will be a great experience as I’ve never travelled to America before and I’ll be teaching as well!

I’ll also continue work on Siegfried in the mean time and if possible, work on another game as a demo for job applications.

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