Blitz Open Day

Today, I returned from the Blitz Games Studio Open Day. Obviously because of confidentiality I can’t say much without getting into trouble, but there were a lot of talks about different aspects of the games industry, a tour around the company offices and a really interesting and useful Q&A session with staff members of the main professions (for me it was the programmers).

The staff were very friendly and informative and speaking to the founders, Phillip and Andrew Oliver, was very fun. The only real problem was that I felt very young (in terms of skills) as other visitors were second year, final year or post graduates and I was the only person who admitted to being a first year, but it was great seeing guys who know so much around me.

One of the visitors was the developer behind a the smartphone game Galaxy Merchant.

He’s was great to meet and you can check out his site here


As for other news, work on Seigfried has been very slow since I’ve been working on my assignment in OpenGL, and since I have exams and I will be going to America in the summer (details will probably be in a new post), I might not have time to touch on it until I have more time to add to the planning towards it.

I’ve also downloaded Unity with Android and iOS as part of there free license offer (ends April 8th), I’d like to experiment with Unity sometime as it seems like a really advanced and yet freely available Game development engine which is far more advanced then Game Maker.

Speak to you later guys!

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