Game Of Life Updated!

Hey guys, I decided to make a quick update to my Game of Life game! It’s currently on the Windows 8 store, thanks to MonoGame for the easy porting process, and I’m currently working on a Windows version for none Windows 8 users.

As you can tell, I’ve simplified the interface, and the Windows 8 version also includes touch controls for drawing and buttons. The keyboard commands still work (Z, X, C and Space) as well as mouse controls.

I’ve also made it possible to change the orientation and resolution, and therefore, change the size of the grid as well. In the regular Windows version I’ll probably change this feature so you can resize the Window, since you aren’t forced into fullscreen.



Check out the Windows 8 store version here!


New Game (sort of): Game of Life

Hey everyone!

Game Of Life ScreenShot

Just thought I’d let you know two things. Biggest one is that made a little program in XNA for you guys to have fun with. It’s called Game Of Life, and it demonstrates the Behaviour System. In it you can draw simple pixel shapes and then let it behave. If you know any special shapes of Conway’s Game of Life (some are on the Wikipedia Page), those (or at least most) will work.

So download it from the page here and have fun!

I’ve also updated the download links as Mediafire doesn’t seem to store the data permanently.

EDIT: I’ve updated the game. The changes are:
– Fixed mouse pointer bugs that crashed the game on rare occasions.

– Added the ability to change the speed of the GoL in action. Just re-download the game and hopefully installation should be fine.