Talk with more Game Developers

Today a few graduates now game developers from Blitz Games, Codemasters, Rockstar and Devil’s Details all came to talk about how they joined the games industry, what working in the industry is like an some advice for both applying and working for a games company. It was really helpful to hear from professionals closer to my age, as well as ones that studied at the same University as me, talking about the application and working process from a student and graduate’s perspective. After the talks and Q&A in the lecture room we all went to the Union’s bar and had some further discussions with them. They are really nice guys and definitely know a lot about programming, so I know who to ask if I need any serious help.

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Blitz Open Day

Today, I returned from the Blitz Games Studio Open Day. Obviously because of confidentiality I can’t say much without getting into trouble, but there were a lot of talks about different aspects of the games industry, a tour around the company offices and a really interesting and useful Q&A session with staff members of the main professions (for me it was the programmers).

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Aardvark Swift and Stuff

So Aardvark Swift did a talk today about getting into the Games Industry. It was some interesting, if not predictable stuff, such as getting C++, Maths and Problem Solving Skills, and working on a demo to show the companies that I wish to apply for. Hopefully this site will help me get working with that.

As for right now I’m working through my modules on C++, OpenGL, Object Oriented Programming and System & Databases, and trying to go through my book on XNA and C++. Also trying to think up some ideas of games I could make as well.