Secret of Escape Now Free

To celebrate my birthday, I’ve decided that from this day forth, my stealth game Secret of Escape will now be available to download FREE of charge. You can now get the game from either IndieGameStand or if you want to download it and enjoy it as much as you want. I haven’t been able to change the price on Desura because it won’t let me set a price below $1.99, but since Desura’s bankruptcy I doubt anyone will use it.

SoE_SmallIf you have decided to read on from this point, no this is not an April Fools Joke. I’m not sure how many people will read this considering I haven’t talked about this game in almost two years. Last year I put on a sale so the game was free for the entire day and it got a few more downloads than people who actually paid money for it.

I’m still proud of it, a fully developed game that I worked on for over a year, showed off at many events and have written about on some websites and eventually releasing it on three digital platforms. Even knowing it was the first game that got nominated for an award is a pretty good achievement in my eyes.

I also feel I’ve learned a lot while working on it, how to be more approachable when reaching out to the media and the game dev community, planning and organising features ahead of schedule, communicating better with others. Things I’ve learned while making this game that I’ve put towards making others.

Secret of Escape Progression Pic

For those who did play the game at some point over the last two or three years, whether it was at one of the expos or conventions, bought it or downloaded it last year during the sale, or you happened to be one of those people who got my emails to check it out, or if you simply followed my progress and carried on following me afterwards, I thank you. I hope to do a much better job while working on Gemstone Keeper, because I’m already eight months in!


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