After Midsummer Jam Week

As of writing, it has been a week since Secret of Escape was submitted to the Midsummer Jam Week, as well as the trailer shown online. I think it is best to let you know what I have been up to in regards to the game.

– Public awareness: I have been posting the link and trailer to as many places as possible, as well as online magazines and game sites, in order to get the game noticed to as many people as possible. Currently, I have gotten an article written about me on the Developer’s Conference Website, and I will hopefully be featuring in the launch of another games website, so stay tuned.

– Looking for artists: Unfortunately, I do not have the skills or the capabilities to make everything in a game to a high standard. I have brought on Tom Vietri to provide music, so you should be hearing some high quality music in the next few months or so. However, I’m still looking for an artist. I’m particularly looking for a sprite artist, one with experience in more dark and industrial styles, since this isn’t going to be a bright and cutesy game to play. If you would like to get some experience, let me know through here, my facebooktwitter, or by email at!

– Bug fixing and planning: I read all comments that I receive. Any errors that have been mentioned will be fixed and any suggestions of improvement will be considered. With that in mind, the main criticism so far is the control of the player, with people complaining that the movement is sluggish. Other complaints included the collisions with certain obstacles. Both of which have been fixed, player movements are more constant and the collision areas have been adjusted to make collisions less precise and more accurate.

I have also been writing down new ideas for how the game should be expanded, what I want to do is make a game that creates a worthwhile experience to be played over again. As well as adding more varied features, this includes giving the game more personality.

What I’m basically trying to say is that I don’t want to simply make a revamped version of the demo, I want to make the ideas grow.

Finally, there is the question of other projects. So far there is only one other project that I’m actively working on at the moment, and that is GridLocked, the game from Ben Beagley which I have been working alongside. However, I am currently planning a move to Winchester, where I will spend my placement year in Software Development, so because of that, I won’t be able to handle other projects until they are finished. This unfortunately includes two games that I want to continue work on, one of which is Siegfried. It’s a hard choice to make, but it would be better to focus on a few big projects, than to overwhelm myself with many game projects.

In conclusion, I hope this information will give you all an understanding of where the project is going at the moment.

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