The Stanley Parable

Hello everyone! Hope you are all well, and I hope you enjoy the new screenshots I’ve uploaded for Screenshot Saturday. I’m sure it’s hard to miss since I’ve put them up everywhere, but I’d appreciate your time to see my stuff, as I like to see what people think of my work.

Anyway, I know I’m late to this, but I still think it’s worth me talking about this much discussed indie game, The Stanley Parable.

For those who don’t know, the Stanley Parable is a game made by Davey Wreden, where you control the simple minded office drone called Stanley. In the story, Stanley works in an office where all he does is press keys on his keyboard, based on orders given to by his computer. Suddenly, one day he finds that his computer was not giving him orders, and no other person was in the building. From then on, you take control of Stanley and you can either do what the narrator is saying, or not, at any point. From then on you’ll see fourth wall breaking, the ins and outs of storytelling being dissected and the game messing with your head.

I remember first hearing about this game from the Extra Credits show, during one of the earlier “Games You Might Not Have Tried” Segments. It was originally a Half-Life mod, using assets from the game, but had pretty much the same premise as the more recent remake. When I played it then I liked it but found it short, even after trying to find every ending. This new remake is made to look better, bigger and much more crazy stuff to see and try out. I believe I’ve seen about six to eight different endings and I feel like I’ve not seen all of them!


It also has new endings which are incredibly creative, I won’t spoil them, but there is one that really annoys the narrator and forces himself to restart the game for you.

I don’t want to spoil much of the game, but you need to play it. It’s only £10 from Steam and it’s worth the purchase!

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