Eurogamer 2013: Day Two and the Loading Bar

Now is time for Day Two, where the zombies roam, more games to see and more indie stuff, and not just from Eurogamer itself! One thing I failed to notice from last night was this ambulance with the Surgeon Simulator logo on it, it looks really awesome!

Inside the expo on this day was the Forza car, I think it’s a real car but the make of it is unknown to me.

So the main thing that happened today was being a zombie, most of us ambassadors had the professional make up treatment done and wondered inside and outside, scaring people and making them feel uncomfortable while letting them try out the zombie games the Windows Store has to offer.

We also decided to mess around with stuff at the expo and social network…

If you follow me on twitter, you’ll know that I went on a tweeting spree, taking photos of myself of things around the expo.

I think Mike Bithell saw them, but when I met him after trying out his game Volume, he joked about me looking like I have a serious head injury.

The rest of the time I mainly went around the Indie area again, I also saw the live demo of watch_dogs, which is probably the only non-Nintendo AAA game I’m actually hyped for at the moment. Sadly we weren’t allowed to take pictures of the gameplay so you all get a placeholder logo!

At around 5pm the Microsoft event was packing up for the following day, that meant packing the phones and tablets. Unfortunately all of the devices provided for the event were only for the event, so we couldn’t keep any, although it’s not much of a loss since I’m happy with the devices I have now.

When the packing up finished, and I cleaned off all the makeup I had on, it was off to the Loading Bar to show of Secret of Escape for the first time! I’ve been to the Loading Bar and I highly recommend anyone to go, since it’s a nice bar with reasonably priced drinks and dozens of games to play on two floors, and Indie Haven booked the bottom floor to show case Indie Games on for all three days. I came prepared with my netbook and controller, and used one of the monitors and set of headphones to show off the game on! All those who attended the event, as well as a few who came for drinks and games in general, got to have a look and play of it, and people enjoyed it. Hopefully I could show it off to more people in the future…

The other games on show were also awesome:

Grandpa Pixel‘s Jeremy Beare showed off his Legena RPG engine, I’ve seen the engine in dev logs before hand and Jeremy has told me about his updates and fixes to it, and this is the first time I’ve seen the game with his new graphics involved and it looks really awesome! He’ll be showing it off in October at AdventureX if anyone is interested in seeing the engine in action, he plans on producing a trilogy of Legena games, and from hearing what he’s told me, the project is going along greatly.

Richard Ogden of Red Phantom Games showed off his Playstation handheld title Minutes, where you have a minute to absorb the green lines while avoiding the orange lines. It’s a fun title with simple graphics and it looks like it’s ready for the Playstation Store, if it isn’t on there yet.

This is Chris Lord‘s unnamed game project, a maze rpg game currently in the works for mobile platforms. Didn’t get much of a chance to play this one, but it looks really cool, even in this early stage. He also showed me a physics based block and car game made with pure OpenGL, so he knows his stuff.

So at the end of it all, I had an awesome time at Eurogamer and going to the Loading Bar is always a treat.

All the Day Two Photos

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