New Academic Projects Added

I figured with my second year has now been over for far too long, it’s time to show you some three month old University work!

These can now be navigated to via the new simpler menu system, go to Academic projects -> 2013 and click on the screenshots that look like these:

FP3DA Assignment ScreenshotPhysics & AI Engines Assignment Screenshot

and you’ll get to these academic projects’ individual pages, as well as download links to try them out!

I’d also like to announce that I’ll be taking part in my first Ludum Dare Jam, starting Friday 23rd August and ending on the Sunday. Ludum Dare has been one of the main game jams I’ve been wanting to try out, and now I have a chance to show what awesome game I can make solo in only 48 hours instead of a whole week like my last solo jam event.

I’ve been progressing on with Secret of Escape, I hope to have a brand new gameplay video at some point, I’ve also began work on another project, which I’ll post more detail about in a few weeks.

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