GBJam Summary

So it’s been a few weeks, so I figured I’d show you some of my favourite games from the passing GBJam. Of course there are many brilliant submissions (including the one I was involved with :P), but here are just some of the great ones that appeared.


ChuChu Rocket Game Boy – Carlos Hellin

Brilliant port of the classic Sega title.


Mr Kitty Saves the World – James Earl Cox III

Nice title screen and music, I won’t spoil the rest of it, but it isn’t as pleasant as the title screen makes it out to be.


Runner – Hernán Di Vincenzo

Great design. but controls are a bit finicky. Still a great looking game with great music.


Super Game Boy – McDucky

Quite a nice compilation of classic games, I especially like the Pokemon menu layout in particular. The mini games inside look really well made.


Squarebot – Heartvine, Skudge and Magnus

Really cute character design. Really good and simple platformer with challenging obstacles.


Zerox Residuum – Nik Sudan

Metroidvania game that’s very straightforward and great fun. Awesome name as well.


Wild West The Sherrif – Stefan Trifunović

Brilliantly drawn and animated game that’s a great platformer with great structure.


Scrapped Robot – Finding the Next Hat – Malte Buttjer & Philip Wagner

Really funny game, well designed exploration game where you have to find your robots hat. Has a great sense of humour. Well worth it!

Feel free to try out some neat games!

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