Unity 4.2 and the Windows Contest

So yesterday it was announced that the latest stable release of Unity has come in the form of Unity 4.2. Among all the new enhancements such as real time shadow mapping, Unity is allowing deployment to Windows 8 and Windows Phone for FREE!

This is great news for Unity devs and Windows 8 devs like me and Ben (Nostrum Key), since we can now officially export GridLocked to Windows 8 at no extra cost!

All the info can be found here: http://blogs.unity3d.com/2013/07/22/unity-4-2-has-arrived/

In related news, to celebrate the announcement, Microsoft and Unity have partnered up to create the Unity Windows Contest. Make a game or interactive app in Unity 4, and be in with the chance to win up to $30,000 each on two categories, Windows Store or Windows Phone! Not to mention, there are honourable mentions such as best gameplay, best port or best new game content that can win you a free Unity 4 Pro License with the Windows Store Pro deployment!

  • Contestants must create original games or content in Unity 4 using Windows Store Pro add-on or Windows deployment in the free version of Unity.
  • Limit ten (10) entries per person.
  • Any existing or original games or content you have made with Unity can be submitted.
  • Unity and Microsoft will reject submissions that do not comply with the technical and content requirements of the Official Rules.
  • You must have Windows 8 installed on your computer.
  • Projects can be submitted for judging up to 11:59 p.m. Coordinated Universal Time (UTC), on September 30, 2013.

Click the link here for more details: http://unity3d.com/contest/windows

So any eager game devs who want to try Unity, go out and make your games!

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