Blitz Open Day 2013

Well for the second year in a row I attended the Blitz Open Day!

My main reason for going again was that I felt that last year, I could’ve put in more effort and made it a worthwhile experience. I was a first year and felt that the Death Maze Demo took a lot of effort, it was an assignment project, so I should’ve tried to make something myself.

So what I did was I got back to work on Siegfried about a month after Camp Watonka and started from scratch using XNA. I was able to make the twin stick shooter with multiple enemy types, power ups and a fully playable level, and from the feedback I got on the day, they appeared to really like it! What I want to do as my next goal for the project is to get some proper art work in place and get it on the indieDB, then see where I can expand it from there!

Another issue from last year as that due to an error of my own, I arrived late and missed half of the day, including most of the presentations. Going again this year I was able to hear all the talks, which were really good and went into detail about each of the processes and what subroles are found in them.

The day ended with a drink at a nearby pub and discussions about the games and the industry, I had a really great time and I hope all the other people that attended had the same experience!

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