Gamepopper on IndieDB!

Yes, that is correct! Gamepopper is officially listed as a company on IndieDB! Meaning I have one of these:


At the moment there is not much content on there, but I will slowly add more things to there. I’ve also put up Secret of Escape on there as well, which you can access here:

Secret of Escape

Obviously, they either have no rank or a very low rank. This is why I want you and your friends to try and see how high we can get these rankings! So spread the word!!

Developer’s Accomplice

I’d like to recommend my followers to check out the following website:

Developers Accomplice Logo

Developer’s Accomplice is a great website to hear about some of the latest games from big names and indie companies.

They write game reviews and news article, and they have covered indie games such as Secret of Escape!

Link to the article will come soon, but for now, click the image to go to the site or go to

The article for Secret of Escape is now online!