Month of Updates

This was originally from an announcement made on Gemstone Keeper’s Steam Greenlight page. I’m ashamed to admit that I wasn’t being very responsive on the GL page and it wasn’t until a friend confronted me about it that I decided to make up for it. I answered (technically) two questions that were left hanging without an answer from the comments of the GL page on the announcement, and as of writing I have been attempting to reach one user who was especially frustrated by my lack of response. Here is the segment from the Steam Greenlight announcement:

Firstly, Would this game by any chance be based on the Gemstone Warrior and Gemstone Healer games of ye olde times?

Surprisingly, I was not aware of either Gemstone Warrior or Gemstone Healer before I first read this. I was looking into the ASCII designs of Dwarf Fortress and use of Roguelike elements found in Spelunky and Rogue Legacy. It’s remarkable that a set of ARPGs centred around Gemstones has been around while I’ve been working on this.

The other question was mostly from a set of questions: how much of the game is planned?

Over the last month, some significant features have been added or modified, and the amount planned has increased as well:

  • Terminal Guide – Assists with players on how to play the game for the first time.
  • Five Level Bosses – Creatures that will be large in size and with unique combat strategies.
  • Three caverns – Rocks, Fire and Ice: Each with their own enviromental features.
  • Mist Affectors – Random Occurances that visually and physically effects the level
  • Secondary Items – Assist, Protect or even Damage the scenery with these Items.
  • Stat Boosters – Temporarily Increase the stats of your Explorer for a price.

These are subject to change as time goes on, however I am adjusting my plans to ensure the game is in a finished state before showing any of it. Therefore as of now Gemstone Keeper won’t be released on Early Access in August. I still aim to release the game in the First Quarter of 2017, however I believe even Early Access games need to be finished and polished to some level.

With that being said, the ice caverns have been finished, as well as the second boss, the giant crab. The third boss has started as of this week, and while I haven’t got much to show yet, here is one obstacle players will face with this boss.

Thank you very much for all your support, I hope people will understand the amount of work I have done and will do considering the amount of other work that I do in my day to day life.

I will get this game finished, and I want the world to try it regardless of what some may assume. The best way to keep track of what I’ve been working on and what I have to show is to follow me on Twitter (@gamepopper). I also occasionally post on the /r/gamedev and /r/roguelikedev subreddits. Anyone who wants to see this game progress should definitely look through those places.

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