Secret of Escape – One Year On

Hello everyone! I figured it’d be the best time to announce that on this day, one year ago, I uploaded a game that I worked on for a week long game jam called the Midsummer Jam Week simply named, Secret of Escape. As such, this post is dedicated to showing how much I’ve progressed in a single year, and mention some of the significant changes made over time. A lot has changed from the day I decided to continue work on this game jam entry of mine.

Secret of Escape Progression Pic

You can also see significant changes in the videos for the game:

Of course, the game will be finished, and I’ll make sure a demo is fully playable at the London Gaming and Anime Expo on the 5-6th July, which I announced not too long ago, and you can find details of the Indie Zone here.

Thanks for your support, your good comments and encouragement. I’m proud to have gotten this far and I don’t plan on giving up, despite the hardships and clashes with my job.

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