Hello world!


My name is Tim Stoddard, I am currently studying Games Programming at Staffordshire University and I like to make games. This blog will be here to document my progress as a game dev, any game related events I go to, and where I will allow you readers to play my games for free.

My dream is to make games that people will play and one day work in the Games Industry as a Games Programmer, as generic as it sounds, it’s been a dream I’ve had for a couple of years, and it’s not because I love video games, I love programming, art and a little bit of music and enjoy every achievement I get from working on a project.

To summarise what relevant things I have done so far: I began programming in Visual Basic during my A-Levels and made my first proper game as an extended A-Level project using Game Maker 8, I achieved a grade B for that project. I enrolled into Staffordshire University in 2011 and as of writing I am in my Second Semester. I have made one game using Microsoft’s XNA (written in C#) for an assignment and hopefully by the end of the Semester I will have completed a few more projects to gain and improve my skills in certain areas, including C++, which I have been trying to learn independently since A-Levels.

Hopefully this blog will feel a bit more populated as I work on. Hope you will continue to read this blog, maybe give me some advice or suggestions and maybe even try out the games once I upload them.

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