Eurogamer 2013: Day Before

Hey guys! It’s Saturday and despite Eurogamer still running until Sunday, I’ll tell you about my time at Eurogamer! This was surprisingly my first time at Eurogamer, I missed out last year so I really wanted to go after missing out on a lot. Thanks to being a Windows Games Ambassador, I volunteered help with Microsoft’s Windows 8 and Dreamspark promotion at the event and got to be a zombie! But more on that when we get to it, because here’s a summary of what happened on the day before Eurogamer started.

So at around lunchtime I got onto my train and set off to London Waterloo, a typical one hour train journey for me, and once I arrived, I went onto the Underground straight to Earl’s Court.

One thing that immediately surprised me was how you could exit Earl’s Court station and immediately stand in front of the Earl’s Court Exhibition Centre to see huge video game banners, but it meant I could get a shot of the outside of Eurogamer when almost no one was around.

I got to the hotel, about 10-15 minute walk from the exhibition centre, and despite some issues with checking in, I was able to put away some stuff into my room. While checking in, I met up with fellow Window Game Abassadors John and Josh, and we were able to catch up by hanging out at the Natural History Museum in London!

When we got back to the hotel, more Windows Game Ambassadors turned up such as Ben and Dan, and later on Michael, Mo and Illya, and while the check-ins were being sorted out, we were all being very sociable as one would expect.

As such, our day ended with a briefing of what our work will entail, a dinner at a nearby Italian restaurant and getting some rest for the early morning.

Next up is tomorrow!

Full List of Photos from Day Before

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