Survivor of the Green Monsters

screenshot_02032013_182725Release: 7th February 2013

Genre: Shooter

Made with: Construct2

Compatible with: Windows 8

Download here

Here is my first game onto the Windows Store! Glad to see at least one game up on a digital distribution service.

The main idea around this very simple game idea was that shooters commonly require you to move around, but what about a game where you cannot move at all. By restricting the player’s ability to move, it relies on the importance of shooting all enemies, as well as the need to survive as long as possible.

One of the main reasons I made it was to try new developing tools. After being so use to Visual Studio and programming most of my games (I haven’t used a proper game development engine since Game Maker 8 over three years ago), I thought it would be worth experimenting with something new. I also like to try new ideas for games instead of what my mind normally focuses on, (one of the reasons I took part in this year’s GameJam).

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