Star Runner (GBJam)

titleScreenTextRelease: 15th July 2013
Genre: Platformer
Made with: Python (pyGame)
Compatible with: PC
Play here





This was the entry I did for the first ever GBJam, a week long games jam from 7th – 15th July with only one key rule: You are only allowed to use graphics with a 4-colour palette and chiptune music only. I joined Alex Early‘s team, which quickly grew to six in total, and we all were taught by Alex how to use pyGame the week before. My work was mostly in the inventory system and the level programming.

Star Runner Title Screen Mock Screen 2 Mock Screen 1 Mock Screen 3

When I last talked to Alex about a month after, he was still working on the game, except it was ported over to JavaScript using jsGame so it could be used in HTML5. Sadly I moved away from the project because of my own work.

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