Land of Gray

LandofGrayThumbnailRelease: 30th December 2013
Genre: Platformer
Made with: Haxe (HaxeFlixel)
Compatible with: Flash (Web)

Play here



This was my entry in Game Jolt’s New Year Jam, my first GaleJolt Weekend Jam. The key feature of the game is the gradual progression of the graphics from black & white to colour, which is achieved by collecting the colour changing cubes.

Most of the time was spent trying to get the graphics to go from greyscale... colour. Also the cute fox. :3

As well as programming the game in HaxeFlixel, I created the graphics in Photoshop and the audio (sound in bfxr and music in iNudge), and as per usual game jam affairs, I was restricted to a 48 hour time limit.

The hardest part was getting the graphics greyscaled, as well as having the level of greyscale vary, as Flixel doesn’t have shaders to write your own pixel based graphical effects. While both HaxeFlixel and Flixel use filters for sprite effects, they are quite limited, and not all are compatible with Flixel sprites.

After the initial upload, I added support for the GameJolt API, so users can login and have their fastest times uploaded to a high score table!

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