Anarchy Ambulance

Anarchy Ambulance 2013-02-07 20-19-38-02Release: 27th January 2013

Genre: Action-Driving

Made with: Microsoft XNA (C#)

Compatible with: Windows

Download here

This is the game I made for the 2013 Global Game Jam at Stafford. I worked in a team of five to bring this game to life. The team consisted of two programmers (me and James Cox), two artists (Alex Mehroke and Sam Denvir) and one designer (Rob Pritchard). Music and sound effects were done by Iain Dawson, who helped around a lot of other projects at the Jam as well. This was a real test of endurance and team working, especially since this was the first game project I did with another programmer, so we shared our knowledge (as well as the occasional assistance of other brilliant game developers working around us). It was definitely a worthwhile experience making the game, I recommend any budding game developer to go to one!

2 thoughts on “Anarchy Ambulance

    • Hey there! Sorry about that, I think the Global Game Jam’s FTP server has been taken down. I’ve updated the download link so you can either click above or click here to download the game:

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