Stellar Grid

ScreenshotRelease: April 2013

Genre: Arcade

Made with: Android SDK (Java)

Compatible with: Android






This was my assignment for Programming Mobile & Handheld Devices. The aim was to make an Android game made with specific requirements such as a scrolling background, projectiles, touch and key inputs ect. Using my experience with touch controls from porting Game of Life to Windows 8, touch controls were easy to implement. This was my very first attempt at pure programming for a mobile device, and I’m really proud of the result, especially when going through the frustration of using Eclipse and its very bad emulator in the early stages, believe me when using an actual Android Phone made developing much easier.

Since this is an assignment, and specifically for a phone, I’m not sure if there is a way to distribute this without going through the Android Store. I may submit it later after I improve some features and give it a more professional look. For the time being, check out the game in action below.

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