Jumping (Platformer Example)

JumpingRelease: June – August 2012

Genre: Platformer

Made with: Microsoft XNA (C#)

Compatible with: Windows

Download here


During my time as a counsellor and tutor at Camp Watonka in America, I had the opportunity to make some examples that I can show and explain to campers on how they work, one of them was a working version of PONG, the other was this, a basic platformer with working gravity and block collisions. During the period I tweaked the examples to make them simpler to implement and straightforward to describe the workings.

This game was also shown in the Camp Watonka Games Programming video that I posted back in September, to show what work I’ve gotten some of the campers to do, and what I’ve shown them.

The Jumping example has two different blocks with collision levels (the darker ones are completely impassable, the lighter ones are only passable underneath and the sides), as well as coins. It also uses tiling for the position of the blocks, coins and the player.

You can change between the two levels by pressing L. The left and right directional buttons to move left and right and space to jump.

I’ve included in the download link both an executable and the source code so feel free to read, comment or critique on it.

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