Deep Sea Adventure

Deep Sea Adventure Assignment 2013-02-07 19-56-00-50Release: December 2012

Genre: Action

Made with: Microsoft XNA (C#)

Compatible with: Windows

Download here


So this was my first second year assignment project. The aim was to make a game, half was based on a certain set of specifications, and the other half was an advancement on the first. So the first level was based on a written game document, and the second level was whatever we want it to be, but it was highly recommended to implement techniques and effects that were more advanced than the first level. So for mine, I figured to do a similar gameplay, but in a larger world. This means the second level has a following camera, and a parallax scrolling environment. I also figured it be good to have the aim be to defeat the shark, with projectiles that are your own food, meaning it’s limited and required to be collected.

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