Animation Illusion Viewer

Release: September 2012

Genre: Animation Example

Made with: Microsoft XNA (C#)

Compatible with: Windows

Download here



A little project I made after seeing some videos of the same illusion on Youtube. Since I found the method of the illusion to be very straightforward I thought I try to make a program to show it digitally. Although I planned it to take at least a day, I ended up adding features that took at least a week of work, including keyboard and mouse control of the transparency, changing images, loading in new images and changing the speed of the transparency.

I still had fun playing around with this, and it also meant I could work with Windows Form based functions.

NOTE: The images used and have been tested to work on the application are A4 sized (3300px x 2550px) and were made by Brasspup. Any other ones may need to be modified to work.

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