8-Bit Theater: Black Mage is in a Shooting Game

8-Bit Theater Screenshot

Release: April 2011

Genre: Shoot ’em up

Made with: Game Maker 7 & 8

Compatible with: Windows

Download here


This was the first proper I game I made. It was for an A-Level award certificate known as the Extended Project, where we could write an essay or report with an item based on any topic we wanted, so I decided to make a computer game. I decided to make a shoot ’em up because they are my favourite kind of games and I made it a fan game of the webcomic 8-Bit Theater because I was reading that often at the time I was coming up with the idea. I began working on the game itself in January 2010 and the finished version was done around April 2011. The long development time for a game with basically two levels and one boss was partially because I was focusing on my studies and a part-time job I had, and because I ended up redoing a lot in this game.

It’s probably very obvious, but very little artwork or music was created by me. I used sprite sheets from old Final Fantasy games (fitted with the style of the comic), had a friend draw the background artwork and requested a musician online for the original music.

(Also, I originally wanted to start a Games specific channel called YARGH games, which didn’t work out and I lost access to the channel itself)

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