Running The Marathon

Release: 30th July 2017
Genre: Rapid-Fire Sports
Made with: HaxeFlixel (Haxe)
Compatible with: Web (HTML5)





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Developed for Ludum Dare 39, the thene was Running Out of Power. The aim of the game is to run a complete marathon, with an estimated time of 2 hours to finish. You can increase your speed by rapidly pressing two buttons in sequence. However running too fast will drain your energy, slowing you down and eventually stopping your run.

This was admittingly a last minute decision, as I originally felt too tired from a week of work to take part, and had little interest in the themes listed in the final round. However when I saw the chosen theme, I suddenly had an idea for a rediculous idea, running a long distance while slowly losing your power to run.

I did put a considerable amount of effort into making it as accurate as I could in the time given, as the speed and distance are meant to reflect actual physical speed of a human being and the proper distance of a marathon, and calculating that in relation to pixels was one of the hardest parts to that.