Release: 25th April 2017
Genre: Run ‘n Gun
Made with: HaxeFlixel (Haxe)
Compatible with: Web/Windows



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2-Bit Run ‘n Gunner where you defend (and escape) tiny planets from rockets and robots. Watch out for spikes!

Developed using HaxeFlixel, with graphics from Photoshop and Piskel, music using the Abundent Music Generator and sound effects using BFXR, ChipTone and Audacity.

Last as long as possible. Once you spend 30 seconds on a planet, the self-destruct will begin and you must reach the ESCAPE zone at the bottom of the planet to teleport to the next one.

This game was submitted to Ludum Dare 38 for the Compo. Out of the 1104 entries, littleBLASTplanet reached 59th in Theme, and was 238th Overall.