Release: 6th October 2016
Genre: Maze/Racer
Made with: HaxeFlixel (Haxe)
Compatible with: Web/Windows



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Developed for the 5th GBJAM, with music and sound effects from Lyserdigi (and at least one sound effect made with ChipTone).

The aim is to go to the exit as fast as possible, all while dodging spikes, finding keys and using bounce pads to your advantage. Out of 402 entries, MonoCube was ranked 27th overall, and achieved 7th in overall gameplay.

Because of limitations that HaxeFlixel had with post-processing, I had to take a software approach to make it possible to change between 15 gameboy palettes by changing the pixel colour in the bitmap data of every sprite at the start of each game state. With it being only four colours in the palette, and very small image sizes, it wasn’t very intensive. The transition between each level was irritating because HaxeFlixel had alpha blending functionality but no inverse alpha blending, so I used four rectangles to mimic one.