Speed Sort Loading

Release: 5th December 2015
Genre: Puzzle
Made with: HaxeFlixel
Compatible with: Web



Play Original at Itch.io

You are provided with a set of letters, and you must sort these letters into ascending order. Once you correctly ordered a set, you get a larger and bit more complex one. Order as many sets as you can in 30 seconds.

This was originally developed for the LoadingJam, a game jam to celebrate the expiration of Namco’s patent on auxillery games on loading screens. While the jam started on the date of expiration (November 27th 2015) with the deadline being 10 days, I didn’t start on the game until the evening of Friday December 4th. Then I was away in Birmingham for most of Saturday, but finished the game and submitted it on the evening of Saturday 5th. So with that, I probably only spent around five hours at most developing what’s honestly a simple puzzle game. I used a loading bar to act as a timer and imitate a loading screen, and instead of replaying the game, you “Reload” it.